Welcome to my newest website, rollingandre

Click on the sub-pages here above for more info !

Welcome to my newest website.   rollingandre

This site is constantly under construction !

New posted on this website 

On Nov. 10.  Tattoo You 2 CD (Austria)

                       Tattoo You deluxe box edition (Austria)



Several years back I had a website with info about our hobby, the Rolling Stones.

http://members.multimania.nl/rollingdre/index.html    Unfortunately the provider has gone !

Why again this website ?  

I have started this website again, because I would like to share the info about CD's and other stuff, because there are so many differences in the pressed CD's around the world. Many collector's asked me questions about items, therefore this info site.

I hope that the information provided on this website is useful for all the collectors and fans of the Rolling Stones.

Please click on the attached (sub)pages for the band and solo activity's on CD. The titles are listed in alphabetic order.

You can pop-up the pictures by clicking on it.

If you think that there should be any corrections to make to the data or if you can provide additional information or images, just let me know.

Welcome back and enjoy my new website !  It will be updated from time to time .

The info on this website is mainly from my own collection (99%) and info gathered from other sources ! The pictures on this website are from my personal collection ! Besides that, I've used a few pictures from Pascal "Honestmann", Andrii "Ironbelly", Ildar "John Lee Hooker" and of course the free internet !

Please feel free to get in touch with me for comments, questions or postings etc. (use the form here below)



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Trevor Holst
een maand geleden

If you have an email list, please add me to it.

Thank you.

Andre Verhoeven
een maand geleden

Hi Trevor, thanks for checking my website. Unfortunately I don't have an email list. Please bookmark my website and hop in from time to time, to see what's new. Cheers. Andre

een maand geleden

Amazing site. Thanks !!!

Andre Verhoeven
een maand geleden

Hi Ricardo,
Thanks for your comment, greetings from Holland. Andre

2 maanden geleden

Heey Andre, mooi werk, keep on Rocking. Stoney Rony.

Andre Verhoeven
2 maanden geleden

Hi Stoney Rony, thanks for your reply.
Yes I am still working on the website. Hop in some time to see what's new.

Denton Pomahatch
3 maanden geleden


Wieger Bergman
3 maanden geleden

Heb ff rond gekeken !
Ziet er mooi en informatief uit !πŸ‘πŸŽΌπŸŽΈ

Green John
3 maanden geleden

Sorrry forgot to add

Hot Rocks 1 & 2
Ordernr. : 820140-1 BA296
Made in France
Note : A very clean original pressing. White labels with original innersleeves Cover has some storage signs

Green John
3 maanden geleden

Hi im interested in this

What would you like for it, i have tons of cd's dvds etc

Per anders Andersson
3 maanden geleden


Tom Schutz
3 maanden geleden


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